47 Divorced White Male Seeking Friends First Deal (Baltimore)


I see at least two prescription bottles on that table next to him, and also what appears to be a beer can. I’m just going to put myself out there and say maybe that’s not what you want in the background of your dating pic. Sure, the prescriptions could be for something harmless like iron deficiency but they could also be for Your Ass is Crazy… Being that this is Craigslist, the clearance rack of dating, I’m leaning more towards Your Ass is Crazy.

Divorced White Male says: “I have been alone over three years just seeking COMPANIONSHIP. That word does not mean SEX at all, it means talking doing things together. If I wanted SEX I would go get it. That’s not what I ‘am looking for at all (At all.). Later on if we click it is called MAKING LOVE with feelings. (Yea all you sex mongering, dirty women. Stop badgering this poor man to engage in your dirty deeds. You’re sickening. Don’t you know anything about mutual respect and feelings? Ya bunch a filthy whores.) Send a pic then yours will get mine no nudes I like to unwrap for myself. lol. If you feel any insecurity’s reply to me anyway I want something real. If you have facial scars (That is a very specific thing to mention in your list here), over weight, anything I don’t care (He’s a very accepting type of guy. Lazy eye and peg leg? No problem.).”



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