Adult baby from New Jersey looking for a mommy – 29 (New Jersey)


I have to wonder what happens to a person that this is the path they end up on. This is beyond “different strokes…”. This is crazy. And one day his crazy ass is going to end up cutting “mommy” up and preserving her in the freezer.

Adult Baby says: “Hi, I’m am an adult baby that wears diapers and acts like a 2 year old baby. I’m looking for a nice mommy that will be my loved one and hopefully someday get married. I have diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers, baby powder, a diaper bag, and a teddy bear. I’ve had this fetish for years and need that someone to assist me with my baby side and even change my diapers.”

Not sure there is anything that kills my mood more than a 2 year old or 2 year old behavior. Yet, I suppose someone somewhere, equally as crazy, finds this attractive.

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