Attractive woman friend for fun times – you host (Lakes Region – anywhere)


He doesn’t flat out say he is married, but he’s married.

Older Gentleman says: “This is a real person posting. Don’t expect a storybook romance and a “Prince Charming” and you are being realistic (Look we’re on Craigslist here. I’m pretty sure we all know what to expect…Taco Bell and premature ejaculation is about where the bar is set.). Older Gentleman and ladies have obligations, family and priorities that take a considerable amount of sacrifice. If we are to be “lifelong lovers” we can be lovers without being “married” and paraded about our families (Meaning what his wife don’t know won’t hurt her.). Our romantic, sexual and spiritual life is our reason for being. Please be emotionally and financially secure. Making love in Spring, Autumn & Winter outdoors would be nice. Indoors with the window open is good also after a nice shower. Summer love under the stars in something I’ve always dreamed about but it takes two people (Not necessarily. Some guy in Florida got it on with a tree recently. Just sayin’.). – I will keep posting every few days until I find my lady / woman friend. Not into many e-mails. Photo and brief letter about yourself then we can meet in a public place. looking for FWB for weekday afternoon or early evening fun friendship. You host and we can shower together (His frequent mentioning of fresh air and showers makes me think either A. he has some body odor issue or B. he is accustomed to smelly women. Anyone else picking up on this?). Bee clean and attractive (See?!), 420 friendly is okay. Looking for long tern, lifetime sexual friendship, maybe more. Please be emotionally and financially stable. Great time for a beautiful, mature lady. This is a real person posting (I don’t know…it all just seems too good to be true.).”

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