Break my unlucky streak – 23


His sand throne isn’t very impressive. I’ve seen 5 year olds do better.

Unlucky says: “So here’s how I’d explain my love life.

Imagine you’ve got a quarter. You flip it once, it lands on tails. You flip it again, it lands on tails. You flip it ten times, all tails. You flip it a hundred times, all tails, a thousand, a million. You don’t win a single damn coin flip. (Ya know, I think a lot of people would start guessing tails after a few flips. Maybe that’s your problem. You keep trying the same thing, though it never works.)

That’s the only way to explain it. It’s kind of like when they would try to figure out exactly how Lance Armstrong could be such an insanely good cyclist, and while his training and a naturally amazing heart explained it partially, it still wasn’t enough to fully explain his athletic abilities (yeah turned out it was steroids). Well I’ll tell you right now I’m not taking attractiveness inhibiting drugs.

Am I hot? No. But I know worse looking dudes who have had lots of long relationships with some pretty respectable women.

Do I have a perfect personality? No. Some people like my personality, I’ve got a pretty good sense of humor. I suppose I’m not mr. social, but again, I’ve met guys way more awkward who have had a lot more success with the opposite sex.

My standards must be too high right? Not really. I’ll be honest, I consider appearance a factor (all those guys who told you they don’t were lying). My standards are pretty lenient. Like the average woman is probably twice as critical of how women look as I am.

See every time I hear someone say “it’s this thing you’re doing, it’s that thing you’re doing, it’s how you dress, it’s how how you talk” I can come up with someone who’s having more success then me with the exact same problem.

You’re probably thinking right now “This is not a normal personal” you’re right, and I’m not a normal guy, but I always here girls complaining about how “all men are the same” and about “the same old thing”. Well that’s clearly not me.

So if you’re still reading this I’ll reward you with some more pertinent information, other then the fact that I’m kind of a smart ass.

I’m a part time screen writer and associate producer. I’m saving up to move to New York. (So you are smug and annoying?)

People always tell me I’m smart. I’ve never seen any evidence of it. (This tends to be relative to the intelligence of the people you surround yourself with.)

I’m a total geek, which is apparently cool right now. Or at least it’s cool to say you are. I really am though, name something nerdy, I probably do it. The biggest exception is probably World of Warcraft, that’s like the hard drugs of the nerd world.

I’m very philosophical. If you’ve read Plato’s Symposium we need to discuss it right now.

I love movies, good and bad. A bad movie is just a movie that needs more alcohol.

I like to drink and party, but I’m not too big on dancing unless I’m pretty wasted. In that situation I will be happy to show you my Russian dance.

So that’s it. If you want to learn more about the crazy dude who’d put something like this on craigslist respond with “Not a scammer” in the subject line. Otherwise I’ll assume you are and delete it.”

What do you think Unlucky’s problem is?

The thing with being unlucky (not getting laid) is the longer you’re unlucky, the more likely you are to remain unlucky. People can smell desperation. And desperation is basically an attractiveness inhibitor. That’s my first guess, anyway. There are probably other numerous personality deficiencies that led to the initial period of unluckiness.

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