Honestly Stupid says: “Why is this ad different than all the others? The fact that I want to MAKE LOVE to a woman. (That actually makes it just like all the others. You can call it “making love”, but really all you want is for a woman to touch your penis.  Swamp Creature, Can Use Big Words, Not So Old Goat, and countless others want their penis’ touched, too. What sets you apart is your exceptional level of douchiness.)

I want to be honest, I’m married and not looking to end the situation I’m in. BUT, I’m missing that *spark* of new love, the butterflies that you get when you are touching a woman that is….perfect! The ideal situation would be a great night of conversation and Earth moving sex. When we go our separate ways and can’t stop thinking about each other’s bodies, smells, tastes…..even when we are with our significant others. Perhaps posting like this is not in my best interest… I love my wife but I want a woman I can adore, dote over, get butterflies over!!! (Here’s an idea, it’s a crazy one, why not dote over your wife?!)

I want to meet you….perhaps it becomes a regular thing, perhaps it becomes a fond memory 🙂 (Perhaps it becomes a punch in the face and you going home crying.)



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