CLICK HERE! – 23 (Knoxville)

He listed batman as one of his likes. How could this be wrong? *swoon*

batmanAnd his clever placement of that soda can! Not only does he have good taste, but his wit and humor are to be marveled at. A catch, yes that is what we have found here, ladies. Don’t you let it slip away!

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Batman says: “Honestly, I don’t know what to say here. I am kinda lonely and stupid sites like MeetMe are not working…so I figured I’d try this. I have been single for a while. I somehow keep getting “friend zoned” (Maybe it has something to do with all the putting stuff on your head and thinking it’s funny? That’s kind of a one time thing. Everyone laughs. And then you’re good. You’ve played that card.). I am a big guy so I guess that has something to do with it. As much as people say they don’t care about looks…that is simply not true in most cases. I’m looking for that girl who truly does care about looks. I don’t care about looks. I love movies. I watch a lot of movies. It is pretty important that the girl I’m with likes movies (Did you get that? Movies. I know it can be hard to find someone who likes movies, but this is important. You might want to write it down.). Movies spark a lot of conversations. I also like motorcycles. I unfortunately don’t have one, but I really want one. A good since of humor is a must. I like to joke around and have fun. Ummm….. hopefully something here sparked your interest if you have read this far. Contact me to find out more and I’d love to find out about you. I am a good listener.”

I opened this expecting something awesome, because when is a CLICK HERE! not awesome? But it was just this guy sticking stuff on his head… 🙁









I thought it was going to be something awesome, because when is a CLICK HERE not awesome??

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