Friends first – m4w – 51 (Dixie Highway)

nononsenseHe shows all of his potential new friends his penis.

nononsense2You should give that tactic a whirl sometime and let us know how it goes. “Hello, I see you like disc golf. This is my penis.” That should be a good time.

No Nonsense says: “Looking for a hot and passionate person to spend some time with. Not wanting anything more than this right now (You being hot and him thinking about one day, maybe having sex with you is a lot more than what he’s got going on right now.). Sex would definitely be a plus. It’s been way too long let’s just say (So long he has forgotten the basic human rituals around the act. Like, for example, waiting to show you his penis until you have at least exchanged pleasantries.). Hopefully this might turn into something. Just a gamble (Pretty bad one.). If it does great, maybe we can talk a bit further (About his penis.). I couldn’t get my pictures to load (No, they loaded…unfortunately.). Email me and I’ll email you back my pictures I’m a no nonsense person (As is evidenced by the dick in your face picture he posted.) A no drama person would be great at this point. Give me a try. I bet u will like me. hope this works. Talk to you later.”

So…would you like to be his friend?


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