Grateful Dead (girlfriend wanted only) (Portland)

grateful dead


I’m going to be honest with all of you and say I’m not entirely sure I understand this ad. I’ve read it a few times and I think it actually becomes more confusing with each reading.

Not Quite a Musician says: “If you like folk music and grateful dead (Okay, so… appreciation of folk music and the Grateful Dead are at the top of his priority list. Don’t worry about any of that silly stuff like being sane or employed. He’s not messing around.)  I wouldn’t mind being with the right girl near me (Also, don’t be too far away. He looks like he is most definitely a stoner and anything further than the fridge is going to be too far.). one that like music or muscians would be ideal for me. iv been mentioned to be on tv (Who has mentioned this..? And what does this mean??). but I cannot (Cannot what? I’m so lost.). anywho I got a link even that’s cool to my page where I play the guitar and sing. im not good at it yet, but im catching on (Oh, most people get good and then they put it out there for all the world to see.). peace.”

I think all we need to know is that he has a guitar and you need to appreciate that in some way, because that is about all he has to offer. Or maybe you want to give him a record deal? Probably also that.






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