Holidays Alone

If him and his little dog don’t warm your heart, I don’t know what will…


Honestly, I’m not even convinced that’s his dog.

Sucks at Life says: “It is a crime that this little doggy and I were alone on Christmas. This dog & I need a family. I have no one. I was born in Ca. My mother died. My ex was a brute who left me stranded. She wasted four years of my life. The last 4 Christmas’s I was with her family. Now they don’t care if I live or die (Um…This is a personal ad for dating…in theory, anyway… and within the first few sentences you have told us about your dead mother and “brute” of an ex. No one is going to read this and say “awww…let me date that crazy bastard”. They’re just not.). No one cares really (No they don’t. And why should they?). I got not one single invitation or card in the mail. That show how selfish people are (Or how incredibly unlikeable you are.). It’s not how it is on TV. People don’t care in real life. All people care about, are theirselves, their own families, & that’s it. While people are having a nice Christmas dinner, i’m eating leftover pizza (You could have been volunteering at a shelter. Maybe helping people who are less fortunate, instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself). People are selfish & cruel. everybody’s in it for themselves. It’s not fair. Girls can get a guy in no time. My ex found someone in 2 weeks (She’s probably a decent person with a job that somehow got suckered into dating your sorry ass). It can take a guy weeks, months, or even years to find someone. If you don’t think this is true, compare the women seeking men postings to men seeking woman postings. Girls hardly post anything up, & never have to post a picture. They don’t have to put hardly any effort into it. If your a guy, you have to be alone & suffer. All these Girls say they don’t want sex but, they all have kids. It’s contradicting. Why do they talk about sex like it’s such a bad thing? All I hear is woman complain that all guys want is sex. Well, all girls I come across want, is money (Stay off hooker lane.). So, they’re no better. I do get some pretty nice girls who respond sometimes. They like me at first, then when they find out I don’t have a college degree, they don’t like me anymore (Not only does he not have a degree, but if you refer to his stats it appears he does not have a job either. And that my friend is called a free loading POS). I am looking for someone who wants to settle down, & start a family. All these people I see have kids. Some of them are rotten & don’t even deserve to have kids. Every girl my age has kids. Anyone younger says I’m too old. They’re either alot older or alot younger. I’m in a trap, while my life is passing me by. Are there any girls who are in there 30’s who don’t have kids?? does such a person exist around here?? I know it is extremely rare, and then when I do find one, they want me to have money & a good career. I am looking for someone to like me for who I am. not for what I have or what I do. I am 37 yrs old. I have no kids & I have never been married. I have been single 9 months. I don’t have anymore time to waste. I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with, no games. I asked Santa to bring me a nice girl for Christmas this year. Hopefully he will deliver. No kids, or gays please. Type “Santa” in the heading so I know you’re real.”




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