Hyper-Nerd seeking same

Hyper-Nerd says: “Well, I’ve used Craigslist to find an apartment, computer, even roller blades; So why not a girlfriend? I like Cartoons and cosplay, Robots and pirates, Magic and Mythology. I’m not some creepy guy who smells like feet though; I do have social skills and normal hobbies like cooking, hockey and shopping.  I’d love to meet someone with similar interests, or at least can tolorate a fair amount of nerdom.”

Nothing wrong with nerding it up sometimes…

…but that’s a whole lot of nerdiness. Wow. It’s a wonder how anyone over the age of 12 could have this much free time on their hands.

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on “Hyper-Nerd seeking same
One Comment on “Hyper-Nerd seeking same
  1. That woule be me in guy form. I’m a total gnork (geek, nerd and dork all in one) I hope he finds his other half and doesn’t settle like some of us. Hold strong Super Nerd! And FF 7 rocks but FF3 owns!

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