I do not understand this whole online dating thing


Normal says: “I have tried everything! All the girls on sites are either so stuck up they want nothing to do with someone who is “normal” or someone who will actually be nice to them. Also I am probably just being lost under the 1000 messages a day that girls probably get (Yup, that’s it.).

And no I do not just seek out the hottest of the hot on the site to message.

I just want to know. What the hell do I have to do? I’m not ugly (Eh… it seems that most people overestimate their attractiveness. This is most likely the issue here.), I have a job, a car, I live on my own, I take care of myself, I love doing stuff! I send messages with more substance than “hey” or “your hot”

And yes I know its supposed to be “You’re hot.”

Gah. This turned into more of a rant than an ad. (That’s okay. That is what Craigslist is for. You don’t actually find people to date on there. I hope, anyway.)


Just keep casting your line. The right one will come along, eventually…



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