Hundred dolla bills yo! Knight in shining armor here to save you from your miserable existence mopping floors at McDonald’s, cuz you know that’s the only other alternative to being his “bitch”. Word.

Knight in Shining Armor says: “I need a chick wholl come be my bitch literally and do all my houseworks and anything else I say and for that youll live free… Food free.. Housing free.. Eat in restaurants.. Chill and relax like those harp playing people wearing toga’s eating forbidden fruit and shit.. Your life will change over night… From a stressed out bitch with bills and worrys to a chilled motherfuckin sexy bitch loafing around the house in your lil pantys—–like what… Lol

The perks are many… But if you wont consider this if the dude is alil chunky and outta shape——good luck working at Mcdonalds and being overloaded with bills you cant pay not to mention rent beeeeeech… And if this dont interest you because it dont fit into society’s normal way of meeting and being with someone———happy mopping.. Lol

Oh yea fun could ensue———–to learn more email me… Im quick to get back.. They dont call me Fast email mgraw for nothing… But be serious when your contacting… And donnot create all sorts of judgements in your head… Dont be retarded.. This is what it is… Dont dissect it… You want free rent bitch??? Ok… Lol

Last thing is dont smoke.. Dont have brats.. Dont be fucking stupid… (He’s got his standards)

Oh yeah this could be a way way better deal than you could possibly imagine… 30-50 yrs of age only please… immature beeches with all their selfish bullshit dont need apply…

Until you contact ill be eating in red lobsters and shit—–whatever you choose wont cause me to lose or gain sleep… ”

I think the only question I have is How could you not be in? I mean…damn, deals like this don’t come your way everyday, girl. All I’m saying is Red Lobster. That’s all I’m sayin’.


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