I rent rooms in my home too – 30 (flagler estates)

00C0C_cGddIKhzNeS_600x450Whether you are interested in renting a room…

00505_a9Po84OTsA0_600x450…Or gettin’ it on with a weird old guy, he’s got what you need!

Also Rents Rooms says: “Older man very experienced. If interested let me know. You–> Thin to heavy but not heavy (So, basically just thin). Blonds preferred. All nighter (Viagra is expensive. He needs to get every penny out of that four hour erection). Great kisser north and south (Whoa…). Bring a joint. no hassle. not interested in a relationship but looking (This is kind of like “thin to heavy, but not heavy.” I think he’s trying to confuse you.)

For the low, low cost of your dignity and weed you can go for a ride on his vintage pogo stick, circa 1945…while basking in the glory of that wallpaper.


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