I want your body and mind

Now the title of this ad makes it sound like this is going to be a guy who is all in tune with romance-y, deep, real stuff … but here at Studs of Craigslist we know better than to expect that sort of thing. And because we know better this picture is not surprising in the least. 


**Image has been censored by Studs of Craigslist. You’re welcome.**

Yup. Wants your body AND mind. And yet, that’s a picture of his ex with a mouthful of his family jewels.  

Not Don Juan says: “I am a handsome man that is also a professional (Masters Degree, etc)

I am a great conversationalists and I am heavily into music, art and video.

I am successful at what I do and I know what I want in life both spiritually and physically. Yeah, it sounds like the typical post. I am, however, very real in my desire to post this ad and my need for the natural euphoria of what man and woman can provide for one another.

There is a special day coming up for me and I don’t want to spend it having vanilla sex or, as I like to call it, non-satisfying obligatory sex (Or as I like to call it, masturbating alone.). I want what everyone wants. To make deep passionate love. I want to feel satisfied and I want to have the urge to continually want more.

I am, once again, a handsome dominant man with a presence that captures the attention of women (Now…I’m not trying to call you a liar or imply that you may be exaggerating your level of awesomeness, but I can’t help but feel that if this were true you would not need to hit up the Craigslist personals. Ya know? Or keep saying it. Are you trying to convince us or yourself? Both, maybe…). I do know what I want and I am hoping that I can find a woman that loves both men and women. One that can be my muse (For all of his awesome art stuff that he thinks about doing… one day… maybe.) and my lover as well as friend (But not his girlfriend or partner, because you know he’s too handsome and alluring. Basically, he’s in demand. Can’t be tied down to just one lovely lady. Also, if you’re not his girlfriend he technically does not have to buy you dinner or gifts or any of that nice stuff that people do in relationships.).

This may all seem somewhat different than most post and that is probably because I am being 100% honest (No, I’d say this post seems just like all the other bullshit posted on Craigslist.). I would love to meet a woman that is highly educated, highly sexed, extremely well versed in various topics and is capable of being an uninhibited freak whenever we meet (Wouldn’t that be nice for you?).

It would also be great to find a woman that loves BBC and likes to chill Jamaica style 🙂
Also, get my attention by writing something to capture my attention in the subject area (Get his attention by writing something to capture his attention. SMH…). Thanks for reading my ad and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

These are photos of me an a former lover. If you’re interested, email me with the subject line, Jamaica Chill. I’m very real and would like you to be too. Haters, please stop messaging it’s not my fault I stay in shape and like sex (I could be totally wrong but I don’t think that’s why the “haters” keep messaging you. Might have something to do with that lady’s mouth being all up on your junk, but what do I know?) .”


*Proceed to link at your own discretion. Uncensored nude images of male genitalia on page. NSFW.*

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