if your seriouse of no bullshit and a true hearted guy then must read – 46 (charlotte nc)

Stop trying to make sense of the title. It will just hurt your brain. Now, go get yourself a big bean burrito. You’ll understand why in a minute.

00a0a_5i0EPxobAl1_600x450Your New Best Friend says: “ill try to keep this short ive posted several ads and apparently theres more bullshit on this site than serious im a very clean guy with a true great heart with no bullshit so if your looking for bullshit keep searching im very real and very honest will prove that as for hygene I try to keep myself up to date (He tries, but you know sometimes there’s stuff to watch on tv and well… BUT what he lacks in hygiene, he makes up for with having a true heart!) I do have a true heart that’s my best feature ooops but I do have a talented tongue if you love to be l;icked can go for hrs I don’t ask for much to give so much im looking for a gassy lady a lady that can let those huge ones and laugh about it or joke about it and wow I surely love a lady that can be very gassy on the toilet when nature calls (Every time I think I have seen it all on Craigslist, some guy comes along and proves me wrong. Gas fetish. Are you serious? You are stretching “different strokes for different folks” to the extreme.) do I ask for to much for your happiness your call I guess just depends how happy you want to be I guess and if things don’t work out I love to give things just to see someone happy but hey looking for ltr if poossiblei think you will truly love to chat just give me a chance and if not good luck age race and weight is no issue age up to 60 is acceptable just be gassy ill be waiting with pics and better communication oh damn im 5/11 ht 185/wt dark hair and dark eyes thin trimmed mustache average build sorry my bad but ill be waiting I will answer upon reply asap god bless everyone”

So, all you lactose intolerant women treat yourself to a tub of ice cream. Get good and gassy. No need to deprive yourselves any longer!! He’s your man.

On a side note, imagine this guy breaking up with you. “I’m sorry. You just don’t fart loud enough. In the beginning things were good. I don’t know what happened…”




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