im looking for my true love – 36 (mytrle beach sc)

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Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. When I set out to find my true love it never occurred to me to post pictures of my junk. Silly me, I thought maybe sharing pictures of ones junk was reserved for hook ups and other nonserious relationships. Apparently I was mistaken, because this fine gentleman here is indeed looking for his one true love. And not just any old tramp will do. No. She should be caring, honest, and intelligent. Yes. Intelligent women everywhere can appreciate and admire this man’s willingness to be so open with everyone who happens across his Craigslist advertisement for true love.

Aaaand….Back to reality. Whew…

At this time I would like to direct your attention to the fact that his underwear is not even clean in that last picture.

Your Future Baby Daddy says: “Im a 36year old man looking for my true never married with no kids love to have kids in the future and im looking for a caring honest intelligent beautiful lady to be in my life and ddf too and i send a pic for a pic hit me up”

I don’t know about you, but junk shots just scream “future father of my children” to me. “How did you know dad was the one, Mom? Well, little Sally your father posted the most marvelous picture of his wang in an advertisement for true love. The rest is history.”

**Click on link at your own risk. Nude images on page.**

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