I’m Not Typical – 26

Richard says: “Hey i’m Richard i’m 26, single obviously (This is Craigslist. That doesn’t go without saying, here.), and i’m a musician.. I’ve been playing guitar for almost 20 years.. I’ve been to 46 states, The Bahamas, and Canada.. I love to travel.. I live alone in my own place.. I have a job and a car.. I am a serious type guy.. I’ll tell you more about me when you tell me about you.. Send a pic with your reply and put your favorite music artist as the subject so I know who is real and not.. I am VERY real.. I enjoy going to Hiddenite to dig for emeralds.. Don’t know what i’m talking about??? Google it..

I’m NOT into games OR drama..

PS…. A bonus I carry as a BF is I HATE blowjobs and would NEVER ask for one.. It does nothing for me.. I prefer to just please my girl.. Random I know.. That’s just me =)”

And today’s award for TMI in a personal ad goes to… Richard! (sigh…) “You will never have to put your mouth on my penis. Want to be my girlfriend?”. That probably could have waited until the 3rd or 4th date to be put out there. It’s doubtful any women are reading your ad and thinking “Weeeell, I don’t know… Oh, but wait! He doesn’t like blowjobs. I’ll totally go out with him.” If that’s the deciding factor, then you’ve already failed.




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