Looking For a Relationship – 23 (Roanoke, VA)


Usually when someone puts up an ad seeking a significant other they include the best pictures they have of themselves. So, go ahead and think about that. This is his best. Looks a little angry to me. Wake up in the morning and be like “ahhh!!!… Oh sorry, I thought you were someone getting ready to stab me with an ice pick, but now I see it’s just you.”

Glen says: “I am looking for a woman that I can be romantic with. One who doesn’t care about money or the past (Cuz he ain’t got no money and it was just that one time he killed somebody. People really need to let that go already. Jeez…). One who doesn’t care about looks (Refer back to what we were talking about before. You know with the ice pick and stuff.). I’m 23 years old. My name is Glen. I am single and I don’t care about looks, age or race (Vagina? Do you have one?). I’m just really lonely and would like a girlfriend to remedy that. No sex, though. Just dating. Unless we decided to do it, but relationships should never be sex-based (Pretty sure anything above friendship should at least be a little sex based). If you’d like me, email me please. 🙂 STOP Flagging. This does not violate TOS.”


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