looking for longterm relationship with a nice woman – 29


Mr. Chivalrous says: “whatever happened to the days where people get to know eachother over a cup of coffee and had a meaningful conversation? what happened to just going on a simple date where two people have fun without it ending up in the bedroom? what happened to getting to know someone really well before jumping into a relationship?well im on here looking to get to know people and date a nice woman.i dont need or want to impress anyone or do anything fancy to get someones attention.some say im old fashioned.i still like to open the door to a resturaunt or car for a woman.i like buying flowers chocolates and anything else thats romatic for that special occasion.i dont need a woman to be perfect or have a skinny body im not shallow or picky.i like a woman who knows what she wants in life and knows how to treat herself and others.im not afraid of commitment or dating just one person.after all i dont like to share.i am an easygoing guy i hate jealously cheating and lying.i dont want or need a one night stand.i have more dignity than that and i have more interests than just sex.i have a sense of humor wether it be dark goofy dorky or just whatever.im the type of guy that gets along with everyone.i like to stay in shape and stay cleancut.im no tuxedo guy but i do like to look at least decent when going out into public or when on a date.yeah im short and yeah i wear glasses but outside appearances shouldnt matter if two people have chemistry and have a good time in eachothers company.im not perfect and i may be diffrent than the average guy.but i know what i want in a relationship and in a woman. i like to treat a woman right with repsect and love.and exspect the same in return.i think a relationship should be 50/50 with both people wanting and making it work.if i sound like the kind of guy you go for or want to get to know feel free to message me.i will only respond to women who include a face pic in thier message.”


While we’re on the subject of chivalry and doing “what’s right”, what happened to waiting to take your shirt off until you’ve at least exchanged pleasantries with a person? Hmmm? Or is that part of the chivalric code antiquated? You don’t have to be Mr. Tuxedo, but a shirt would be a nice gesture. 




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