looking for my glamour girl to love spoil n share life with (jeffrsn cty newport morristwn knox)


Are you his “glamour girl”? 

This is another one of those smoking fetish guys. You may remember New Occasional Smoker, our first smoking fetish weirdo…er… I mean gentleman. 

Fabio says: “looking for a blingy glamoure girl…not a plain jane (Sorry, not just a glamour girl but a blingy glamour girl. I stand corrected.)..one who likes her
Cigs ..smokes regulerly. No part time. Smoking and not the vape cigs (He’s not into that sissy crap.)….doesn’t do drugs……….and
to love hold n have n take under my wing n take care of,,,buy her makup her cigs pay to get her nails done or what not….somone who loves fixing her hair ..wears mascera eyeliner Lipstk….one who can put on a pair of heels n go at any moment….loves jewelry..
loves flowers gifts
and also one to be there when each other feels
down n 8 be 6 the 5 one to talk to when needed…
kids a plus (Anytime someone says “kids a plus” my red flag goes up, I don’t know about you.)..4..im a homeowner56 n live in town…
i have 5 a good 8 payin job ..37…been there for fourteen yrs.
mee ive got the fabio look (Yea, if you’re three sheets to the wind, squint real hard, and the lights are down low. Poor vision to start with is a big help.) …long body hair (Ewwww…? What does that even mean?) ..small skinny waste broad shoulders…some say i look like David Coverdale…of the group whitesnake……or John Elliot of def lepord…lol (I don’t think they are complimenting you.)
or look like fabio (Really serious about this Fabio thing. Do women even still lust after Fabio? Is that still a thing? Seems like it should have gone the way of big hair and tutu’s over jean shorts.)….i dont drink dont chew ..just smoke cigs n lookin for a lady who enjoys smoking cigs too,,,
i love building things …even for kids….ive welded a dozer together from scrap steel..
even built a 1 man helicopter with no prints (I’m not flying in that. I’m pretty sure prints are a valuable part of the helicopter building experience.)..just mechanical skills..(He’s got skills, yo. What can he say?)
i make hommade pizzas stuffed peppers too (That’s an exhaustive list of his cooking abilities.)
i hope somone is intrested (I hope not.)
when you reply tell me you smoke so i know its not an auto responce…(And maybe you look like Magda from There’s Something About Mary. That would be awesome.)”



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