Looking for that wonderful woman

Think I found a good one this time. He covers his “man junk”.



Covers his Man Junk says: “Looking for a wonderful woman between the ages of 45 and 65 who would like to enjoy time together to include wherever it leads. In Key West 2 years now and love to find someone to share it with who was mature responsible has a sense of humor and a spirit of exploration (sounds like a great why doesn’t) I must admit I need a 2nd person to help motivate me to expand my boundaries, you just may be that woman! I’m not really looking for endless emails I will be happy to include Yahoo Instant Messenger address, so you can add me as a friend and my phone number so you can: text me I will also include any pictures you need of me (not my man stuff, unless of course you want that LOL! Okay now that’s just a joke) and I would expect the same of you. I have a good sense of humor I can be respectful, sarcastic and enjoy a good conversation with an intelligent woman. If you’re looking for the politically correct type I’m not your man however I am more than happy to meet with any woman regardless of her political propensities, LOL! That’s because I am open-minded!
Really looking forward to hearing from you must get together and have a good time!
If you contact me I give my solemn promise:

too 1 Cinco to O sex eght 2 eght too

yes that is a number above lol try it
1) you will remain safe and you will not show up in a watery grave consumed by the local fish!
2) I will shower and brush my teeth prior to and after our meeting!
3) I will put the toilet seat down (after I pee)!
4) I will not speak loudly when your husband/boyfriend are talking to you on your cell phone!
5) I will not send you pictures of my man junk for the next 6 months (except upon request and
only if you promise not to laugh at it with the other girls in the office)!
6) I will not forget to untie you before I leave!
7) I will take your underwear off and give them back before I leave!
8) I will not make any jokes about glass eyes or hair lips if you actually have one!
9) I will not attempt to pick your toenails or mine if you should be so kind as to decide to Bob on Bobo!
10) I will not suddenly tell you “I forgot that I was really gay” after seeing you naked and realizing
that I would rather pass up the opportunity to pleasure you at that particular moment!
11) I will not turn the condom inside out, “just to save time and money”!
12) I will not draw pictures of stick figures to show you what I can do to you!
13) I will not show you health certifications showing I’m free of Venereal diseases,
that happened to be signed by the doctor in crayon!
14) I will not use the joke about being hung like a horse, but a seahorse!
15) I will not continue this long list of lame jokes!

I do by certify the above list of promises to constitute a verbal contract and thereby binding
if you contact me.
MUST PUT “DOGS” in subject line I will not respond!!!!!!!!!!!”

And he’s considerate and respectful, too! Rare catch, indeed.


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