Future Crackstar says: “looking for a girl that has a job  (His garage band isn’t paying the bills quite yet), addict free (He doesn’t want to have to share his stuff) , kids free or at least one doesnt have five baby daddies to deal with (Four baby daddies will be considered),,,someone that loves movies at home . and can go out for a couple drink “not ten (Can’t spend all your money to pay his bills on fancy dates and booze)..a girl that know a little about the world she lives in . i dont mind kids but love my freedom and the ability to make love when ever…if you have 1% of drama in your life or you are up-tite about sex ….then keep looking and good luck…..anyone that does write me send a pic …..”

Basically, he doesn’t want a crack whore. There’s only room for one of those in a relationship and he’s already assumed that role. 


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