massage, why so hard to find? lol (kannapolis)

Can’t a guy just get a massage? Jeez!


Having a Rough Life says: “just looking for a relaxing massage, conversation and drinks… I have had a rough week due to family death (awww…doesn’t that make you feel bad? So bad you’ll meet a random dude from Craigslist and give him a “massage”? Come on! Death in the family! It doesn’t matter that it was like his third cousin’s brother in-law that he never met. Death is hard. I don’t think you’re taking this seriously enough.) and just need to clear my head (hehheh heh heh heh heheheh. He said “clear my head”.)

anyone out there?
I’m real, concord/concord mills as packed this past week from the race”

Yeah, they’re called spas. Quick Google search for “massage” should return plenty of options. Not actually hard to find at all. Most even offer drinks and at least some conversation. But that’s not what you’re looking for, is it? Nope.

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