MrOralSex (Binghamton)



Yea…Not what I was expecting Mr. Oral Sex to look like either. ­čÖü And because I’m nice I’m going to spare you the other pics that go with this post (and also because I do not want to have to look at them any longer than absolutely necessary). <shudders>

Mr. Oral Sex says: “The title says it all what I am looking for is a LTR I am an Auto Mechanic but on my spare time I have my own online webcam (That’s right ladies. Mr. Oral Sex has┬áhis own online webcam. You can watch him in action on your computer. Won’t that be nice?)┬áright now I’m Solo (How are you Mr. Oral Sex solo? How does that work?┬áNevermind, just remembered I don’t want to think about this.)┬ábut can use a partner what a better way to do it with the one you love so if you don’t mine going public with our social life (Sure, why not?! ugh..). You to can be a model (I always dreamed of being a model…)┬áno experience needed (That’s a relief. I was just thinking “Oh my, this all sounds so wonderful…it’s too bad I don’t have any experience being a webcam slut. Dang… ” But then the clouds parted and the sun began to shine again. Yay!), just need drivers license or state id for proof of age (And this makes me think perhaps he has gotten into some hairy situations with younger ladies in the past.).”


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