Need a friend! (Bristol)



You don’t mind being a rebound right? Because after he’s sufficiently over his ex, he’ll also be over you.

All Alone says: “I just broke up with my fiancĂ© and I have no friends here in the Tri cities. I don’t want to get back together with her so I need a friend to help me get my mind off her and stay away from her for good. Please if you are nice looking (You might be thinking “Studs of Craigslist, you’re being too harsh on this poor guy. After all he’s just looking for a friend!” Last time I checked most people don’t care what their friends look like…am I right?), down to earth, caring and fun (Plus, “down to earth, caring, and fun” is guy talk for won’t be difficult to get in the sack.). Come say hi! Thanks for reading. If you reply. Put a color in the subject line and send a pic so I no who I am talking with. Thanks!!”

I think it’s kind of sweet that he seems to genuinely believe women will respond to this. And by sweet I mean naive.

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