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Occasionally we find ads that provide more information about Studs. Today was one of those lucky days. While browsing around the personal ads of Portland, I came across this:

Employed/Sane Seeks Relationship With Girl With Hairy Arms -NOT A JOKE – 42

When I saw the title I immediately recognized it. I already made fun of the ad once when I first started writing this blog back in 2011. You can read that post here. I almost passed it by, because often repeat ads like that turn out to be fakes. I’m glad I didn’t. Turns out smoking fetish guy is also hair fetish guy! Who knew?!

Here’s the new ad from Likes ’em Hairy:


That is NOT what this is about.

I’d like to make an exciting physical AND mental connection which could be promising for a longer-term thing.

(I realize that serious, qualified replies to this will be, like, one in a million. But why settle for less than what one really wants, right? Honesty is the best policy, so here goes!)

If you approach this as a joke, or in a mocking fashion, forget it.

Looking for some short-term fun and involvement which could hopefully lead to a longer-term relationship. I have always had a hair fetish ever since I was a kid. Very attracted to beautiful ladies with hairy arms or legs, girls with tanned skin and dark or blonde hair, or ladies with light skin and dark hair. If you’ve ever been teased about your hairiness, odds are I’m looking for you. You must be attractive, friendly, respectful, intelligent, enthusiastic, clean, D&D free… and hairy. Bonus points for a talkative, flirty mind, but that’s not a requirement.

Bottom line – I’m just not buying into the Western cultural idea that girls with body hair are ugly and they must buy products/do things to make it all go away. On the contrary!

About me: I have an excellent job and my own place, where I live alone. I’m a divorced 42yo, 5’11”, attractive Latin and Italian male, avg/musc. build, moderately hairy, friendly, serious, respectful, clean, and D&D free. Wavy black hair, light-tanned skin, brown eyes.

I am seeking an attractive, intelligent, fun-to-be-with woman.

I am well educated, compassionate, known to be witty and funny around people whom I feel comfortable with and who help bring out the best in me. Not into arrogance, snobbery, or rudeness. I can be sarcastic at times when voicing, say, a political opinion or making a joke, but that’s just a kind of humor I enjoy. There’s always a good heart (and admittedly a vulnerable one) behind it. Love good food, good conversation, “window shopping the world”, as I call it (which means walkin’ round town, enjoying the night lights, the shops, a nice restaurant, etc.), and staying at home watching a good flick.

Born in NY, grew up between FLA and NJ. Lived in So.Cal. in my 30s (San Diego), and yearn to go back. (Can’t stand the constant Seattle rain and gloom!)

I live alone in my own place (apartment in Renton), and have an excellent job. Divorced with two kids whom I see often and love dearly (so bottom line – I ain’t movin’ unless they do). (I don’t expect you to interact with them, but if you don’t like children that’s very uncool by me and it’s not gonna work.)

I am a passionate mix of the casual and formal, with a wide range in tastes and expression; to be eclectic is to be open-minded and enjoy what life has to offer, and that’s me. A corn dog and a coke, veal picatta and a fine wine, the Three Stooges, Nichols and May, Sam Kinnison, Michael Jackson, Charlie Parker, Mozart, Bogart, Chris Farley, t-shirt and shorts, suit and tie, leather jacket, bathrobe and slippers – I do them all.

I am in search of a true FWB – a sexually exciting friend who will listen, share, and go slow – someone who can walk that line between being lovers and having a true romance. One foot in the romantic is okay, two, too much. Personailty goes a long way in addition to looks, since obviously a friendship requires that, but also because so much of sex is mental, and I am one of those males who gets that. If we don’t click personality-wise, we won’t click in the bedroom or anywhere else, at least, for my part.

I’ll also add that ladies have told me I have wonderful hair for running their fingers through, which I don’t mind a bit. 🙂

I particularly love good food, classical and jazz, and would like to attend jazz clubs (Jazz Alley is great), the symphony (never been to the one in Seattle), and the theatre more often. Slow-dancing at home with the lights turned down would be nice, too. I can be a political junkie at times, Democrat, on the left, mostly, but if you’re not into that that’s fine. I have just a little “extra padding”, as they say, and would like to work out with whomever I find (biking/weight lifting). Seriously looking into buying a Brompton folding bike.

Though a software developer, I’ve seriously flirted with the idea of being a professional screenwriter, and have written a number of things. Working on putting that dream into full gear. Yes, that would still entail sitting in front of a screen and keyboard all day, but oh so much more, and it’s that creativity, that emotional engagement in telling a story in dialogue and description that I enjoy.

Definitely NOT up for the sugar-daddy thing, so if that’s you, I’ll pass, thanks. That having been said, I am not el-cheapo on dates by any means.

Please reply ONLY if you’re someone who’s honestly interested in what I am.

Open with regard to age, race, and location.



Please respond (have a picture or two in your response) with some info about you, addressing your needs as well as mine. If I am convinced you are genuine and not a spammer or fake wasting my time, I will happily respond.

Thank you!”

So, Likes ’em Hairy also likes ’em smokey! Good to know. It would be helpful if people would just include all of their weird interests in one ad.





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