Seeking napping partner (really) – 25

Today’s ad is from one of the Seven Dwarfs. Sleepy is looking for a sleep partner.

Sleepy says: “Yeah I know what it sounds like but I’m actually trying to keep this platonic (Because what he does to you while you are asleep doesn’t count!). Let’s be honest- naps kick ass, everyone deserves a good one once in a while. I don’t know about you but I happen to sleep much better with a partner- doesn’t have to be sexual at all. Just seeking someone to relax, talk about life, etc. with. Just got out of long relationship with and wanting to talk to someone (He wants someone to whine to.). I’m a student, normal guy, kinda bored, looking for good conversation and some quality sleep time. And I have an amazing bed.”

Sure you’re 25 and not 75? Naps are good and all, but I think most child-free 20 something’s might actually like to partake in other sorts of activities.

Here’s a picture of his “amazing” bed.


Strange, I’m not sure I’m amazed. Kind of wondering what a straight guy is doing with so many pillows and coordinating bed stuff, but not feeling amazed in the least.

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