The Things Studs Say

A collection of inspirational quotes

“I am an aspiring writer, which is great because it’s way easier than being an ACTUAL writer. All I have to do is aspire to write. One day. Eventually. If I feel like it.”  ~ Frank Black

“…if you’re some slutty female who wants to get laid right away (like some other chic wanted to do with me) THEN THE DOOR IS THAT WAY——————————————–>.” ~ Bat

“Now its like a jungle out there and girls seem to not like being hit on in the wild.” ~ Tanner the Philosophical Pothead

“My darlings, it’s time for a good old fashion game of sodomy, date rape, and balloon animals.” ~ Binary Code Bandit

“I am a selfish asshole that can be very affectionate.” ~ Affectionate A-hole

“…bars only have trashy fat slags…” ~ Mr. No Ambitions

“I have no intention of living in the past. What’s happened has happened. Has nothing to do with tomorrow. Tomorrow is a whole new adventure.” ~ Mr. Nice Guy

“…sex is better with two people…” ~ Quintessential Health and Fitness Nut

“Wouldn’t it be nice to go out for dinner at taco bell, or kentucky fried chicken…” ~ Asshat

“I am not a philanthropist so do not ask me for money to pay your rent or cell phone bill. Or buy you some tires… ” ~ Frustrated by Sorry, Nasty, Lying Women

“My brain seems to be defective. I haven’t worked in a decade, I’m lazy, I’m depressed, I get high everyday, I don’t really like people and I live in a van.” ~ Hardcore Radical Extremist

“if you can look in the mirror and with all honesty say that you’re an idiot, then I will see it in you too and that’s not something that interests me. It’s fine that you’re an idiot…. I’m sure other idiots are out there waiting for a woman such as yourself.” ~ Smart as Hell

“I know your game. First Drink – ‘Roofie’. Second drink – ‘Viagra’. WaaLaaa you’ve got yourself a man-doll with a magic stick to play with all-night long.” ~ No Need for Date Rape

“I’ve never had any sort of illicit affair with any member of my family be it man, woman, or beast.” ~ TNCRCG

“I’m not chimey or fabulous. I’m in stock and on the shelf. go ahead and scan me. I’m clearance!” ~ Mellow Vertebrate






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