Stud Tip: On Pimping Your Children

Do not pimp your children for dates. Whether it be at the park, the mall, or Craigslist. They are not cute little puppies to be taken out when you feel like playing on women’s sensibilities.

Take this Stud for example,

Dad of the Year says: “Im tired of eating fast food and decided that i would like to go to chilis or some place on 173 in Machesney park for dinner. I have my 3 year old son with me so your child or chlidren are welcome Just wanted an adult conversation… I will pay of course..
Pic would be nice so i know who im talking to…”

superdad(Image edited by Studs of Craigslist to conceal child’s identity)

I don’t know, how about you go out on dates on the weekends you do not have your son? Oh, right because then you wouldn’t be tricking someone into thinking you are some awesome father and winning brownie points with them. Dang…

The first time you meet someone from Craigslist is not the time to introduce them to your children. It’s wrong. Stop doing it.


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