Stud Tips

#3 – It’s All in the Wording

An ad should describe yourself and what you are looking for. In addition to your physical attributes, interests, and goals it is common to disclose status. A simple “I’m available” or “I’m single” is a great way to do this. If you find yourself writing things like “I just recently got out of a really bad relationship,” or “I just got out of a relationship that ended badly, she didn’t really love me,” and “I went broke in NC trying my luck at getting back together with my ex. It didn’t work out, and now I sleep on a floor” followed by derogatory terms directed at women in general…you probably still have bitter feelings about your past relationship. You should refrain from dating until these feelings have subsided. Using strong or offensive language to describe what you are not looking for in a partner is counterproductive. Words like “whores, retards, and stupid” scare away the nice women you are searching for and attract “crazy bitches” in a similar manner that manure attracts flies.

For fine examples of what not to do please refer to Resencently located, must love dogs, and our personal favorite Hello, horrible, crazy internet bitches.



#2 – Wearing Appropriate Clothing

(or any at all)

It’s a great idea to include a photo of yourself in a personal ad. People want to know what kind of a mess they are getting themselves into. When choosing a photo to advertise yourself with you should be dressed somewhere between this:


and this:


A casual medium is best.



#1 – The Desire to Procreate

Your loins may be burning with the urge to create human life and while that is a natural desire… doing so with someone you do not know or randomly find on Craigslist is a terrible idea. Here’s a small list of reasons in the event you were deprived of oxygen at birth and do not understand why:

  • STD’s, some of which are incurable
  • Unknown mental health issues
  • The fact that you will be permanently attached to a person you do not know for the rest of your life. Why is that bad you ask? You will stop liking this person but by the time you realize it, it will be too late for take backs.
  • Child support sucks. Think of it as taking out a $100,000+ loan that you have to repay over the course of 18 years.  

To sum it up: Don’t give sperm to strangers.

(Image has been censored by Studs of Craigslist)     

 This tip has been brought to you by Jon Boy , About to Get Snipped, and countless others on Craigslist.


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