“The Dude” can please you

These pictures came from a fake post on CL. 

thedude thedude2


Think I just found this year’s halloween costume 😀

Sebastian says: “Hello foxy ladies… My name is Sebastian but all my fans call me “The Dude”. I am very busy writing music and working full time as a body guard to several famous people. My contract does not allow me to mention their names but I’m sure you have seen me on tv more than once. I also was a gladiator on the show American Gladiators when I was in my 20s. My hands are registered as lethal weapons in 14 states and 2 other countries. Although i am a certified bad ass i am a teddy bear in the bed room. We can talk about my special bedroom skills in a private conversation later. The reason I am writing this is because I have a very healthy sexual appetite that just one foxy lady can not fulfill. I need foxy ladies that are not afraid to service a well endowed Tiger like myself. I am also looking for ladies who don’t mind being discreet. Because of my fame we must make it our special secret. I know most of you ladies are probably thinking “The Dude” is out of your league. But dont worry I am up for pleasing all types of women of all ages and sizes. I also do not discriminate because of race. “The Dude” enjoys party favors but please be disease free. Please respond with pics and what exactly you would like “The Dude” to do to you.”



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