Typing Cat!

Oh wait…its just a creepy guy writing as his cat…almost had us fooled Creepy Guy, almost….

Sissy says: “Well yes my name is sissy and I am looking for a girlfriend; long term relationship for my dad. I guess you humans have to go out on a date first so let me tell you about him some. He is tall at 6 ft 3 inches average build nice blue eyes brown hair average looking swm professional. He has a lot going on well in life but has been out of a relationship in over 4 years and the only woman besides his friends that come over is grandma to me. I hope you are not allergic to me as I am supposed to be an indoor cat as I do not have my front claws. My dad got me when my real mom did not want the litter including me (yes I used to be small; the runt of the litter). He has had me 13 years this month and I am spoiled with treats and loving from him. I think it is time for him to have some TLC in return and not just licks from me.

He has a job; this house I share with him; friends and family. He is a nice; kind; trustworthy genuine guy that is laid back and easy going. He is probably hoping someone to go do things like the ocean; ballgames; concerts; movies; dinners; etc. with. I know he talks about walks at Alki beach also; sounds like a big litter box to me…he is a giver and sensitive guy too. Anyways here is what I found him writing at home when he went to work. It is a start but he has done nothing with it so I am. I would like to get what information you are willing to give me and I can go through the return emails while he is at work. If you have questions about him or want a return picture; let me know I can get that to you also.”

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on “Typing Cat!
One Comment on “Typing Cat!

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