Update on Naked Rat Guy!!!

 Exciting day here at Studs of Craigslist. Love finding new posts from previous Studs. It’s like the Where Are They Now of Studslist!

You may remember Gilbert, better known as Naked Rat Guy, from his previous ad. You can find that —-> here <——– Then there was an update. Click —-> here <—- to read it. It seems the club is no more. Sad day. I know, I know. Where are we going to get naked in the woods with rats, now?? <ugly cry>

Gilbert now describes himself as a “Full time biker/camper/train buff”, which confirms my belief that the house advertised with the club was in no way his and one day some people came home to find a weird naked guy camping in their backyard with a couple of rats.

Without further ado….

Gilbert says: “I do full time mountain BIKING, camping along the way and using train travel for long distances.

If you are the type that truly loves the outdoors, staying in shape and camping in remote locations then I am the man for you.

Only serious inquires with intent toward a comitted relationship should respond.

One photo below is a not so reveling nude! I do tend toward this in acceptable locations/thickly wooded areas and such.”

First photo is nothing really special. Just a normal photo. And thank goodness for it!!


Second photo is what Gilbert refers to as a “not so revealing nude”.


My reaction was “Ahhhhh!!!” He’s just sitting there on a tree stump with his thing hanging down. How much more revealing could it get?! Jesus man, that’s going to haunt my dreams. 

You may be wondering how I know this is in fact Gilbert. Check out his stats…

gilbert stats

I imagine there are not all that many Wiccan, naked guys wandering around the woods with their rats. Or at least, I hope not.


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