want to get a woman prego

Just say no.


Sperm Donor says: “looking for a woman to get pregnant so if your interested email me and put prego in the subject line and send pic preferably nude (Because he doesn’t want to just get any ole busted, ugly woman pregnant. You may have thought by the nature of this post that his standards were quite low. Well, you were mistaken! High standards he has. If your nude picture does not stir up some activity in his pants, well no baby for you ya heffer! Get out of here.)”

What if this is just some ruse to get naked pictures of women and he doesn’t actually want to make babies? Not really sure which scenario is worse. Genuinely wanting to make babies with random weirdos from Craigslist or believing enough women want to make babies with random weirdos from Craigslist that they would actually send you nude pictures?

You know what would be incredibly sad? If this crazy, Craigslist baby making crap actually produces results. Because if you will recall this is not the only Craigslist Baby Maker we’ve stumbled across. Nope. There have been several.  Imagine that being your life story. “Hey, how did your parents meet?” Or try explaining it to your grandkids one day. “Well, your great grandmother was a lonely, depressed, cheeto scarfing, Craigslist weirdo and your great grandfather posted this ad on Craigslist…. They got it on in a gas station bathroom and well, here we are kids!”



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