Wibbly wobbly timey….

Think a wibbly wobbly timey might be what happens after you have “just one more” drink. Or maybe it’s when you spin around and around and around, and feel like you are going to fall over. Either way, it doesn’t sound all that great.

Huge Nerd says: “Behold I am a huge nerd, I think my glasses are so big could be used to burn down small towns using the power of the sun (That will be helpful when you need to strike down vengeance on some place. Small town cops give you a speeding ticket for going 2 miles over the limit? No problem. Just borrow his glasses.). When I was a child I was scared of the flying monkeys from the move version of The Wizard of Oz (Whoopdy doo.). My last girlfriend dumped me for her lesbian friend, I have that effect on women (Oh, good.). I spend my evenings trying to ignore my loud drunk unemployed roomie who has a penchant for story telling (That sounds wonderful.).

Please save my from my roommate for he is a tough foe, and give me excuse to leave my domicile. I wonder how long before we are considered to be a married couple under common law (Probably soon.). I’m 27 I have a full time job, I have a vehicle that goes forward and backward if I’m lucky (Hmmm… That is a desirable quality in a car.) . I don’t smoke and I live in aurora. If you’ve read this far please put “Good Adventures” in the subject line so I know your not a spammer.

Hope to hear from you soon,”

You won’t.



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on “Wibbly wobbly timey….
One Comment on “Wibbly wobbly timey….

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