Woman wanted for conversation,kisses,and intimacy (Asheville)

Mostly kisses and intimacy, though.


That bush! It’s a thing of wonder. It’s like straight out of the 70’s. I’m willing to wager it’s never seen a pair of shears.

King of the Bush says: “I am a single man who resides within the Asheville city limits.And I am searching for a woman that I could build a friendship with that could include passion,kisses,cuddling,and sex.Your probably thinking,do I just want sex?No,I want more then sex,I want a loving friendship also.But I am a very affectionate man that enjoys sex and intimacy(As opposed to all those other men who don’t.). And I do just want one woman in my life (You can be assured of that. Don’t mind the fact that he keeps referring to this as a “friendship” and not a relationship. That’s probably not important.). And the woman I am searching for would be a nice person that enjoys conversations,and a person that is sincere and honest.I am a accepting person that will accept you as you are,and I am not looking to change you.Whether your full figured,what your age is,or your race,does not matter cause those 3 thongs (Freudian slip??) ¬†are not important to me.Yes,the body pic is me,but I will send you my face pic.Take that chance by responding to me.Put “Terry Balamy” in the subject line.She was Asheville’s former mayor.”

You don’t have to go bare, but for the love of all that is good trim things down there once in a while will ya?



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